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angle steel punching model bnc100

As the world's leading steel supplier, we can provide a wide range of steel types, including carbon steel, weathering steel, boiler steel, structural steel, etc., and we can meet customers' requirements in any size, as well as the production of steel and complete plant plans. If you are interested in these aspects, please contact us.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

    Angle Line Anglemaster-663 Peddinghaus

    Detail components make up the smallest tonnage of any fabricators' workload, but consistently demand the highest amount of labor. Serving as the industry's benchmark for productivity and accuracy, the Anglemaster-663 caters to today's fabricators' need to automate punching, nibbling, shearing and marking for angle and flat bar. Angle Line Machine Anglemaster-643 PeddinghausTwo 75 ton punch cylinders each with two punch stations per hydraulic press allow the Anglemaster-643 to apply up to two different hole shapes/sizes per leg. This angle line can accommodate shaped holes such as squares, rectangles, obrounds and slots.

    Bending Basics:The hows and whys of springback and

    Both punch and die angles are designed to account for springback and springforward. The die angle gets narrower as the width of the die opening widens. Basic V dies are ground to 90 degrees with openings less than 0.500 in. wide, where the bend radius is narrow, the material is thin, and the springback is small. CNC Angle Rotating H beam Band Sawing Machine Model CNC Angle Rotating H Beam Band Sawing Machine Model RBS1250/ RBS1000/RBS750/RBS500 Machine Description:Used for the sawing of H-beam steel, box beams, channel steel, angle steel and round steel of steel structure, bridge, three dimensional garages and petrol platform industries. CNC Plate Punching / drilling and Marking machine for Use:Ideal CNC equipments specially used for marking, punching & drilling of pates Technical characteristics:The machine-frame is made by C-type plate welding, with good rigidity. The machine lays three die-stations (among them, one is the marking die-station), which can realize automatic switching.

    CNC Plate Punching Machine on sales of page 2 - Quality

    Hydraulic Automatic Steel Plate Punching Machine CNC Punching And Marking Machine. High Speed CNC Plate Punching and Marking Machine Model BNC100 Applicable industry:Used for punch and mark of joint plate in the field of iron tower. High Production Efficiency CNC Plate Punching Machine For Angle Tower Joint Plates. Contact Now. Franklin Punches, Dies, Shear & Angle Blades, Coupling NutsIn addition to punch and die sets, American Punch supplies shear and angle blades and coupling nuts for Franklin machines. Founded in 1977, Franklin Manufacturing has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of hydraulic equipment in North America. Knowledge Base Cleveland Steel ToolTonnage:Use the following formula to calculate the tonnage required to punch a round hole in mild steel:Punch diameter x Material Thickness x 80 = Tons of pressure required. Example:to punch a 1/2" hole through 1/4" thick mild steel 0.500 x 0.250 x 80 = 10 tons required. Use the following formula to calculate the approximate tonnage required to punch a shaped hole in mild steel:

    Low Noise CNC Plate Punching Machine High Speed CNC

    High Speed CNC Plate Punching and Marking Machine Model BNC100 . Applicable industry:Used for punch and mark of joint plate in the field of iron tower. It is also used to punch and mark metal plate of other trade. Product feature:1. The machine-frame is made by C-type plate welding, with good rigidity and big handling space. Metal Hand Punch Bench Punch Hydraulic Punch Punch These hand punches and benchtop punches are used to create clean and quick holes in sheet metal as well as other materials. A metal punch can be a huge time saver over drilling repetitious holes, especially in things like race car body panels and metal signs. Models are available in both hydraulic as well as manual with varying capacities. Maximum capacity for punching tools is calculated by Metal Stamping Design Guidelinesdiameter punch perforating .062 thick mild steel will require 2-1/2 tons of pressure behind it to push through. At 80 parts per minute this places extreme impact forces on the body of that punch. Punch tooling can fail catastrophically if there is not enough cross-section area to support this force. To alleviate this condition it is best to design

    Model 75006PR Electro-Hydraulic Hole Puncher

    Our heaviest duty model, the 75006PR develops 26.9 tons of pressure and will produce up to 15/16" round holes and can punch through material up to 1/2" thick material in approximately 4 seconds. It has eye bolts on both sides for easy attachment of a lift assist or a counter-balancer for improved ergonomics. Multifunction CNC Plate Punching, Marking and Drilling Multifunction CNC Plate Punching, Marking and Drilling Machine for Metal Plates. Applicable industry Used for punch ing, marking and drilling of steel pla tes in the field of steel tower and Steel Structure. It is also used to punch, drill and mark of metal pla tes of other industries. S pecifications: Portable Hydraulic Punches HP60 & HP110 SteelmaxAvailable in two models with 35(HP60) ton and 47(HP110) ton capacities. Steelmax Portable Hydraulic Punches are ideal solutions to speed the production of holes and slots in beam flanges, angle, channel, plates and bar stock.

    Quality Video link & High speed CNC flange drilling

    Steel tower fabrication (15) Tube sheet production (8) CNC plate punching and marking machine BNC100, power transmission tower. CNC angle punching, marking and shearing line JNC1412 for power transmission tower. High speed CNC flange drilling machine. Tonnage Chart Showing Tons needed to Punch a HoleHigh Carbon Steel:multiply x 1.60 A36 Steel (recycled):multiply x 1.25 Stainless Steel:multiply x 1.50 Also remember that you should never try to punch a hole that is smaller that the thickness of the steel. This is because the concentrated load on the punch stem will shatter it very quickly. CNC Machines for Angle Tower and Steel Structure - Home CNC plate punching and marking machine model BNC100 It's used to punching holes on metal plates in the field angle steel tower industry, steel structure industry or other industry.